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About the Rallying Club
The Mustang Caravan Owners’ Club was formed in 1977 by a group of people who very quickly became friends.

Production of the Mustang Caravan ceased in 1983/84, but the rallying owners club carries on.
Our Rally Programme is from early spring through to the end of December - ending with our fantastic new year rally.
Each weekend rally has an average attendance of 10 – 15 caravans, with special events often attracting more. A rally is simply a gathering of our members -usually for a weekend but sometimes longer; to pursue and encourage common pleasures, pastimes, hobbies or sports in a light-hearted fun manner. No one is obliged to join in anything which they are not interested in - in fact some people just attend a rally just as a base to tour the surrounding countryside. Holiday rallies (usually 5 days)are usually arranged to coincide with school or bank holidays and these can be anywhere in the UK and we do also rally at some special events and caravan shows.
In the main we rally at sites that do not provide electricity points - this keeps our site fees down and makes our weekends much more affordable to those attending.
The Rally Marshals arrange their own programmes, which vary from free and easy weekends to fully organised events including Wine tasting, Fishing, Bonfire, Christmas party and New Year rallies. In Spring and Autumn we often hold our rally socials in adjacent village halls which give us protection from the cool evenings. Warmer summer days encourage barbecues on the field, sometimes with competitions, games, treasure hunts or other activities. We often erect a gazebo or two to allow our members to engage in friendly conversations late into the evenings.
The Club’s quarterly newsletter “The Roundup” is distributed to all members. This newsletter allows members old and new to keep in touch with friends and activities even if they are be unable to attend many rallies for a while.
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New members are always made welcome so do not hesitate to join us and attend your first rally, wherever you choose to meet us a warm welcome will be waiting for you.  

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